The World of Michael Parkes
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Parkes, Michael


"Rose Collector,The - 2004"

Stone Lithograph
17.5 x 14.5 inches

Edition of 140 & 14 EA's
Status: Sold Out


A Word from Michael: The Collectors are creatures that find things of extraordinary interest and beauty. But what is so special about a strawberry, an egg or a frog, you might ask? Just look at these things...don't think about them, just look. The Collectors know a secret about these objects... They can stop time! Past and future do not exist; only this moment has reality. The Collectors show a way for us to stop the grinding thoughts of our mind and simply be with a timeless flower, seahorse, or hummingbird. Every person has at least one object that will stop time for them. What is yours?!�

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