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Parkes, Michael

"Traveling Circus - 2011
(Masterworks on Vellum)"

Masterworks on Vellum

Sold Out at Publisher

Masterworks on Vellum 25" x 38"
Edition Size 50 EA's

Giclee Edition on Paper 21.5" x 33"
Edition Size 40 and 5 EA's

Traveling Circus: This band of travelers, seemingly at peace with themselves and confident of their final destination, seems to hold no secrets. And yet, the lioness looks back to see if they are being followed and the bird messenger leans over, uncertain of the way forward. In this image, the viewer joins the journey and does not know the final outcome. Often it is the unfinished story that is more exciting than the story that divulges every detail. This traveling circus represents a snapshot in time. The lioness looks to the past and the bird messenger and rhinoceros look to the future, leaving their human companions to enjoy the present moment.

As an artist, a highly desired goal is to create a world that extends beyond the window or frame so that the imagination of the viewer can continue to expand into that world.



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